Thursday, July 23, 2015

We Love to Laugh

From: Madeleine Cottle 
Date: 2015-07-23 18:04 GMT-06:00
Subject: We Love to Laugh


I love your letters and emails. They are like electronic hugs. You all make me feel SO happy and loved!

This week was very standard. Except for the fact that when we taught Takeuchi-san, we busted up laughing, had to leave the room, then return when calm, and continue teaching. Ironically, the lesson then had me almost crying "Spirit tears" and Takeuchi started developing faith and understanding that sometimes his prayers are answered in unconventional ways he didn't expect.

We also taught Mai--who is Tsukamoto sensei--and at the end of the lesson, she kicked us out! We asked her to go to church with us, and she wouldn't do it. (My companion and I suspect she suffered a sudden oncoming of morning sickness and needed to get rid of us. Our suspicions have not been confirmed.) You all know that these are practice and not real lessons, right? 

My iron levels, thanks to spinach wraps with spinach inside & pills, have stabilized and are normal (135 range). However, I'm still exhausted. On Wednesday, yesterday, I nearly fell asleep in morning and evening class. However, it was not too bad because Tsukamoto shimai wasn't there to teach (too sick), so that cancelled the lesson with her, and during the evening, we had our first lesson with Japanese people on Skype! 

So yes! We skyped with a Nihonjin ("Japanese person") and he was very sweet. Once we left and our teacher talked to him, the Nihonjin told our teacher that the two of us were very good at Japanese and that we were very sweet and nice. *happy*

We leave in 3 weeks! :O I cannot believe it. But it is happening and it will be marvelous!

I love you all each so, SO much and think of you all daily.
You are treasures,